469 Dallas Texas Lawyer

So, you are here because you had an epiphany. Right? Well here is the bad news and the good news. The bad news is we had our epiphany long before you did. (And insult to injury, it was a process server who beat you.) Don't worry! The good news is "It's not too late"!

So you might be thinking that we have one heck of a nerve expecting our price. But before you jump to any unfounded conclusions, you might want to investigate what domains are actually selling for. A simple google search for "recent domain sales" should open your eyes and your wallet. For example, this year VOICE.COM, not including any website, sold for 30 million. You should be thankful that you are not a malpractice attorney specializing in botched throat operations. We all know that you bill out 200-400 per hour and you paralegal half of that. So our math says, you only need to bill out 62.5 to 125 hours depending on your hourly charge. And if the case settles out of court without even an hour billed out, then it's all gravy. BTW, in case you should purchase this domain it's yours forever and you can resell it in the event your friends in Austin have taken issue with you!